Edit Your Essay for a Better Mark

Whether it’s for high school, college, or university, editing an essay after you have completed it is an essential step towards getting the mark or grade you deserve. The best way to do this is to hire an essay editing service or a professional to do some essay proofreading, but if you cannot afford to do this, then the following tips should help get your essay to where you want it to be.

Top 5 Tips for Editing an Essay Correctly

Structure: The first step in essay editing is to assess the clarity of an essay’s structure. Does it make sense? Does it present its arguments effectively? Make sure that you read through the essay as a whole and try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about the topic, within reason. Does the essay build an argument or explore an issue in an accessible and understandable way?

Flow: Once the structure of the essay is clear, does it flow well? Do ideas build and then naturally continue into other connected areas? Does each section of the essay contain relevant information? If a section contains information that would be better suited elsewhere, either remove it or move it to a more relevant part of the essay. Flow is essential for readability.

Sentence structure: There is nothing more off-putting than a sentence which is overly complicated. This often occurs when there is missing punctuation. Clauses or ideas within a sentence should be separated appropriately. This can be done with a comma or semi-colon, but it can also be achieved by simply splitting one sentence into two. There is nothing wrong with a short, concise sentence!

Grammar & Spelling: No matter how well thought out your argument, if you have spelling mistakes or grammatical errors throughout your essay then you can easily lose marks. Perfect grammar and spelling relates to the reader that you are educated and that you took your time to construct the essay; this adds a level of authority to the work. Make sure that there are no spelling errors or grammatical issues. Also, make sure that you do not entirely rely on a spell-check. They can be very useful but a spell-check will not identify when a word is spelled correctly but misused – for example ‘through’ instead of ‘threw’. Trust your eyes and make use of them while essay editing.

Final Read-Through: After you have completed all of your edits, it is essential that you go over the entire essay one last time. Even the most seasoned of editors at times will overlook something important. It is for this reason that one last read is necessary to appraise the new draft and its effectiveness.

It is absolutely desirable to hire an editor or to find a trained professional who is involved with essay editing online, but if you cannot do this, then the above steps should help you to improve your essays markedly.